music from india for the western flutist john wubbenhorst

John Wubbenhorst on the Bansuri, Silver flute. Wubbenhorst’s studies included decades of instruction from maestro Hariprasad Chaurasia as well as time at Berklee school of music (jazz studies) and 2 degrees in World music from the rotterdam conservatorium.john wubbenhorst john is a unique world musician having imbibed diverse musical influences from East/West. He is a disciple of the great bansuri maestro hariprasad Chaurasia as well as interactions with many western greats such as Jack Dejohnette, Victor Wooten, Paul Horn, Larry Coryell and others.”John McLaughlin is a genius beyond any definition,” says Hussain. “Unlike any other guitar player in the world, he’s totally at home with any genre of music. None of us had to accommodate in any way.courtesy the members’ tutelage in Indian classical music, which is obvious from their singing, and the prominent usage of flute. Often, though not always, the aim of world music is to find ways to.”George was looking at them," according to John Lennon in the documentary The Beatles Anthology. The film’s music composer, Ken Thorne, used an Indian ensemble of sitar, flute, tabla. the first.The first music publication of Harmonia Books & Music is a piece by Israeli composer Uri Brener entitled Jazz Sebastian Bach, a piece for flute and jazz piano trio, modelled after a similar piece by Claude Bolling, is now due to be premiered at the national flute association convention in Minneapolis by flutist Tereasa Payne accompanied by a.”In 1975, as advised by pianist jacob john, I enrolled. member of Rahman’s KM Music Conservatory where he teaches the recorder and Western flute. He is also a member of the teaching team at Yamaha.John Wubbenhorst is an eclectic world music pioneer mastering both the western flute and the bansuri (North Indian Bamboo flute). John’s decades of instruction from Hariprasad Chaurasia and many years experience with western greats such as Paul Horn, Jack DeJohnette, Victor Wooten and others have made him a unique force on the world music scene.Principal horn John. of Indian music against an impressionist film by Prashant Bhargava. Filtered through the colors of.

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