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The refinanced properties include Southtown at Main Apartments in Santa Ana. office with 15 years of real estate.For the past few years, aside from his job as the shop carpenter for the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, he’s naturally taken on the role of Santa during the holidays at the nearby Kidseum, an extension.The ibrbs 2019-20 membership renewal process will begin in a few days. As part of this process renewed members will be able to secure a background check and your individual Entertainer’s Liability Insurance.Real Bearded Santa for Hire in California. Hire a Santa claus for a Home Visits;. We have Santa for hire in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, the Inland Empire, San Francisco and many more towns in California; Find the best Santa Claus for you, look for a Professional Santa Claus here.Anaheim, with its platinum triangle developments, runs second in number of new apartments, although the second-largest Orange.Is that beard real, Santa?. Members of the Fraternal Order of Real Bearded Santas gathered at Knott’s Berry Farm’s Pink’s restaurant Tuesday for a brief pre-christmas training session to.And in case you were wondering, being a "real-bearded Santa" does mean something: you can be a member of the Fraternal Order of Real Bearded Santas (FORBS), founded in Orange County. And FORBS is only.”Santa’s real. . . . It’s the stories that are fake. of ALL the names of EVERY country in the world that Santa visits. “[FORBS] was born in Orange County, California,” explained Santa Ric. “ was founded in 1999 in Orange County, California. We are a family run business, that represents actors playing the role of a Real Bearded Santa Claus. Our current roster has nearly 500 real bearded Santa’s available for assignment worldwide.The Fraternal Order of Real Bearded Santas (FORBS) is an American organization for men who look like Santa Claus and make a vow to promote a positive image of Santa. All members, as the name states, must have real beards. The organization meets monthly and hosts seminars as well as classes. It has approximately 850 members in 16 chapters.CHICAGO – Kevin Scott is a "real bearded Santa." He commits year-round to wearing red. "I’ve had four jobs canceled because they couldn’t afford it this year," Scott, of Orange County, Calif., said.

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