Roger Federer Backhand Slow Motion US Open Practice

Federer’s backhand won him Aussie final vs. Nadal. Roger Federer’s backhand is almost as famous as Federer himself.. He reeled off five consecutive games to win the 2017 Australian Open title.Forehand by Tennis Professionals in slow motion slow Motion Tennis; 113 videos;. Roger Federer 4K – Australian Open 2016 Back Perspective (Practice Courts) Forehands. Forehands at the Australian open 2012 practice Court in Slow Motion HD by Slow Motion Tennis. 10:33. Play next;Often when I try to swing forward for a one hand backhand the stroke is very weak in the initial acceleration, Richard Gasquet – Slow motion top spin Backhands in HD. Nalbandian backhand and Nadal forehand. Roger Federer 2014 Silky Smooth Slow Motion Backhands at australian open. rafael nadal Crushing Forehands in. Slow Motion Australian Open 2014Here’s a quick compilation video of Roger Federer hitting in super slow motion, both his forehand and backhand! This footage was shot at the 2013 BNP Paribas tournament in Indian Wells in Indian Wells, CA.Federer Video #2: Backhands in Slow Motion. Roger’s backhand is commonly looked at as a weakness of his but it’s still a beautiful stroke. You’ll see him hit both topspin and slice backhands in this video and one main thing strikes me about both techniques right away: length of swing.The Roger Federer forehand – a thing of beauty, the most natural looking shot in the game of tennis but also one of the most devastating and versatile shots to ever grace the sport.. The Federer forehand is a shot that’s helped the Swiss legend win 17 Grand Slams and dominate the sport like no other player before him. · Roger Federer backhands from the side perspective during a practice session. Roger federer’s backhand in slow motion. To learn how to hit.As you observe tennis strokes of top pros in slow motion, in this case Roger Federer’s forehand, your goal is probably to copy his movements so that you’re able to hit a good forehand too. But there’s a catch and because of it most players copy the technique incorrectly. Take a look at the video above..It was a memorable milestone for Roger. shunted Federer backwards in their US Open semi-final of 2014 – a match that Cilic unexpectedly won in straight sets. He held a break point in the fourth.

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