Paint with Me: Prickly Cactus Tutorial (Part 1 of 2)

This video,, can also be seen at Paint your cacti shadows with a #4 round and a #0 Round (or paint pen). When I paint saguaro cactus silhouettes, I start with the tall middle part and then paint the arms. Make sure you’re using a round brush for this so you can get those thin "rounder" lines. Paint a VARIETY of shapes and sizes.All cactus paintings ship within 48 hours and include a 30-day money-back guarantee.. painting. similar designs More from This Artist. Against The grain. saguaro cactus cactus flower prickly pear cactus barrel cactus christmas cactus cholla cactus cactus wren hedgehog cactus organ pipe.Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing Cacti. 1. Begin to outline your cactus. Draw a long, curved line. Notice how the line doubles back on itself, forming the branch, or arm, of the cactus. 2. Continue to outline the cactus. Draw another long, curved line, again doubling it back to form the cactus’ second arm.5. Paint the middle saguaro cactus. Use your #12 flat brush to paint brilliant yellow green. Do the same thing you did with the barrel cactus – start at the top with your stroke and drag it down. Let the paint be kind of dry so a little black still shows through.If you love the easy care and beauty of the western prickly pear, you will love this tutorial to display them in your home. These need no care at all and will not hurt any children or pets that happen to bump them. They need no care because they are faux prickly pear; they are rocks! Other crafters.1 4" tall, 4" top diameter pot with hole in bottom; metal or plastic preferred ; 1 circle cardboard; cut to the diameter of bottom of pot; 1 circle felt; cut slightly larger than the cardboard circle; 1 tube E6000 or other fast drying craft glue; 1-2 small pieces Styrofoam; trimmed to fit into pot; 1/2 cup small rocks or dried beans to weight the potAdd pink and orange blossoms to the tops of the cacti. Create floral shapes by placing your brush at the top the part of the cactus and working small short strokes upward in a cluster. Remember to keep the blossoms on the cactus in the background lighter than the blossoms in the foreground. One cactus painting finished! One more to go. 1. Paint Ovals