The World Is Facing The Greatest Pandemic Ever

A pandemic is an epidemic that covers the entire globe, virtually all the.. us in the face, and the best public health work is done well before that ever happens.Moreover, with more individuals traveling than ever before (some 1.4 billion air travelers per year), the opportunity for a pandemic strain to spread is greater than it has ever been. What are the biggest threats that you see on the horizon? The majority of pandemics have been due to the evolution of an animal pathogen to a human pathogen."The world is more interconnected than ever. Everyone is at greater risk of being swept up in the next pandemic. The consequences are real with far reaching humanitarian, social, political. · I’d like to be petty for just a moment and say the answer is, the Trump Administration and, in particular his corrupt little attack dog scott pruitt. But, I’d have to say that the real issue, when you get right down to it, is human greed. That is.The World Bank estimates that the toll from a severe flu pandemic could hit $4 trillion. One saving grace is that the scientific understanding of that risk is better than ever.

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