Therapy Online via Skype

Therapy Simple. The Official iCouch Blog. Posted by Brian Dear June 12, 2017 January 5, 2019. 3 Comments on How to add online counseling to your therapy practice.. This means that Skype therapy is out of the question.With mainstream technology like Skype and Facetime allowing people to chat face-to-face over long distances, it is a common misperception that teletherapy (also known as online therapy or telehealth) simply uses any videoconferencing tool to allow clinicians to connect with students or patients, perhaps holding up materials and flashcards to the camera as needed.EMDR therapy can absolutely be done online using any number of online communication tools such skype, google hangouts, facetime, or any other video conferencing platforms. The only requirements for successful online therapy is a good Internet connection, a screen, a camera and a microphone.After some quick Googling, I found a few services that offered online counseling from licensed therapists. Her site, In Your Corner (IYC), which facilitates therapy sessions via Skype, chat or text.Although many therapists offer web-based therapy via Skype, the practice raises a number of ethical concerns-especially regarding privacy and confidentiality.. The advent of online therapy.

This video,, can also be seen at also refer to it as teletherapy, online therapy or skype therapy: in short, it’s simply conducting a clinical therapy session using video as the means of communicating. It’s an excellent solution.Online treatment provides convenient and private alcohol and drug addiction treatment by trained experts via the Internet. It offers many of the benefits of traditional treatment approaches, including group sessions led by addiction counselors, peer support and tools for recovery.Online Counseling through Chat, Phone, Text or Email on Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Couples Counseling, Sex Addiction, Substance Abuse & more. Benefits of Online Sessions Using Skype saves time: skype counseling is a great to have face-to-face or phone counseling when you are unable or unwilling to travel to a counseling counselling combines therapeutic skills with online technology.. sound impersonal, but it is generally considered as 'human' as face-to-face therapy.Please feel free to contact me by email to find out more about online therapy via Skype with me. visit: online mindfulness therapy via Skype for Anxiety & Depression. During these Skype sessions of.