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Do they hurt an employer’s brand and reputation? Yes, according to one study as reported in this Society of Human Resources management article titled Should You Respond to Negative Online Reviews?. That article reported that 94 percent of workers believe that negative comments on employer review sites damage an employer’s brand, according to a report by CareerArc, a social recruiting.So what do you do if your boss gives you a bad review? First, don’t panic. Shake it off. There’s always another chance, another door to open, another job if necessary – if you just unwedge.The Best of 2017’s Bad Restaurant Reviews. New, 2. bad food, what else was Rodell to to do but write a. York City’s worst new restaurant in a zero-star review with all the requisite one.I really enjoyed this morning’s webinar with Andy Chen of PowerReviews and Jay Gordman of NetShops. (If you missed it, you can catch the Q&A recap here, unfortunately we do not have an audio replay due to technical difficulties with recording).Today I want to expand a bit on fake reviews and bad reviews.Just because it worked to your disadvantage doesn’t make the service bad. Do your homework, know what the property offers, assess if it meets your personal travel needs. I have no time for one hit wonder posters or reviews where it is evident the poster asked no questions etc in advance and only logged on to slam a resort or business.

This video,, can also be seen at free inside look at Bad reviews for 27 companies. 28 company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees.Business and Technology blogs with particular interest in Mobile Devices and mobile marketingon bad reviews. But the sting wears off after a day or two, and then the review recedes into the hazy territory of tedious-things-that-must-occasionally-be-managed, like the laundry and grocery shopping. The major bookselling e-commerce sites can be persuaded to add other reviews to their pages, and positive customer reviews help balance PW ‘s.The way to protect your brand from bad reviews, then, is to do everything you can to keep them from penetrating the first page of online search results. That may sound like a technical, SEO-laden endeavor – which it can be, when done on a professional scale – but business owners can take some basic steps to build a defensive wall.