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When will surgery be considered? Surgical herniated disc treatments may be recommended by Dr. Eingorn if you are experiencing significant pain that is interfering with your daily life and activities or if your symptoms do not begin to improve after a few treatments weeks.A bulging disc is called a slipped disc (or a prolapsed intervertebral disc or herniated disc). These bulging discs can occur anywhere along the spine, from the neck to the lower back. Slipped discs affect men and women and are most common in people between 30 and 50 years old.Treatment Options for a Herniated Disc. The primary goal of treatment for each patient is to help relieve pain and other symptoms resulting from the herniated disc. To achieve this goal, each patient’s treatment plan should be individualized based on the source of the pain, the severity of pain and the specific symptoms that the patient exhibits.Herniated disc or bulging disc is a condition wherein a disc potrudes outside of the normal radius in the spine. A person suffering from this condition may not even know there is anything wrong until the bulging disc presses on a nerve in the spinal column and start causing excruciating pain.If you believe that you may be living with a herniated disc, schedule a consultation with Dr. Eingorn to learn more about your options.. Better Health Chiropractic PC PC Call (646) 553-1884.. Is it possible that you have a disc herniation and you don’t know it? Published On – April 18, 2019.A: The treatment of a herniated disc can entail both conservative and surgical methods, such as pain relievers, physical therapy and possible surgery. However, the first treatment options that a doctor may recommend are rest and the application of heat or ice packs to alleviate the symptoms of this condition.Just below the waist, the spinal cord separates into a group of long nerve roots called cauda equina-these resemble a horse’s tail. In some cases, a herniated disc can compress the entire cauda equina, and emergency surgery may be required. If you have any of the following symptoms, seek emergency medical attention:

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