Where Did Palmistry Originate From

Palmistry is a form of divination that uses the lines in a person’s palms to get details about the individual’s life and personality. Palmistry is also known as chiromancy which comes from the Greek word "cheir" meaning hand. Many people believe that anything that can be traced back as many years as palmistry must be valid.The History of Palmistry. Soon it was being practised as far afield as Tibet, China, and Egypt. Whether these cultures originated palm reading or not it is without doubt that the popularity spread because of the empire and also that it was in these areas, and especially in Persia, that the understanding of the lines and their meaning was codified.The Buddha in Samaññaphala Sutta categorised astrology, demonology et al as animal arts’ii (The extensive list mentioned in the Sutta includes palmistry. or persecute astrologers as the Rajapaksas.Palmistry definition, the art or practice of telling fortunes and interpreting character from the lines and configurations of the palm of a person’s hand. See more.Gary’s family background is of part celtic origin. His grandfather was from Edinburgh in Scotland, and with Gary’s mother they achieved BBC TV and Radio fame during the 1950’s, performing with celebrities and working as mind readers, escapologists and illusionists. They also became known in the fields of Clairvoyance and Palmistry.She began to do this kind of work, though she did not know why. opening palms sheila used to work. how can she explain the negative view of palmistry that we all encounter in the public? Sheila’s. · Va – ANCIENT PALMISTRY – What are the basics & origins and where did it come from? – modern hand reading eg. includes: elemental chirology, Life Purpose Hand AnJudging by the number of hands painted in prehistoric caves it would seem that palmistry held a interest for humans since the stone age. archaeological discoveries have discovered hands made of stone, wood and ivory by ancient civilizations. The emperor of china.Origin of Palmistry. The palmistry has its roots in Indian, Chinese astrology as well as Roma fortune-telling. From the ancient remaining record of the frescoes in ruins of India and words passed down from Brahmanism, we can find palmistry was very popular in India at that time.

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