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Help users discover and install your app across the Google Search Network (including Google Play), on YouTube, in other mobile apps, and on more than two million sites across the google display network. Why it works. universal app campaigns for Android save you time in setup, optimization, and ongoing management of Google Ads campaigns. They.Here is what I did to acquire 1 million downloads for my first app(or business you may say) within 8 months without spending any money on advertising. One fine day,I thought of investing my time into apps. After learning on how money is made v.15Use social advertising platforms to market your app to consumers with. your time and resources into ensuring your mobile browser experience is the best it. to download an app, Android and Apple are not the be-all and end-all when it .Nobody will know of your app unless you promote it. Hence, marketing the Android app is as important as building one. The best method to market your app from my experience is through content and reviews. There are a few review sites that offer paid reviews.

This video,, can also be seen at Unless you are lucky enough for your app to go viral, like Flappy Bird, you are going to need to spend money to make money. The simplest way to promote your app is to use mobile advertising. If your app already displays apps then you can use the same mobile platform to promote your app.Once you develop your app and get more users to it, you save other promotional costs like advertising. Apart from working as.If you are looking to promote your app for free, you are going to need PEOPLE to help create and promote your mobile app – Your existing customers, people who you’ve done business with, your colleagues, former colleagues, store keeper from neighborhood, friends, family, even your mother-in-law – Get everybody involved.promote android apps in Multiple Stores. In addition to promote Android apps in Google Play Store, developers can also publish their app in some other app store like Amazon, Samsung app store, and so on. The more stores your app is published in, the more chances it will be noticed by people.