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From left to right: CEO of Flex Health Greg Sanchez, President and CEO of Navicent Health Ninfa Saunders, Chief Nursing Executive. of employment agencies the hospital works with to find nurses,Sentosa Recruitment Agency is a "one-stop-shop" for everything a Filipino nurse needs in order to obtain a job as nurse in the United States. Everything from the initial application and placement to settlement as a permanent resident in America is handled by experienced professionals.This video is unavailable. watch queue Queue. Watch Queue QueueThe overall goal of Sentosa Recruitment Agency is to provide all of the guidance needed to help Filipino nurses enjoy unparalleled professional and personal growth as nurses in the United States. Expert nurse recruiters, legal advisors, immigration specialists, and clinical support staff work together at Sentosa to complete the entire recruitment and immigration process and provide nurses with real job positions and permanent residence status in the United States.The nurses "were recruited to work in the United States by the Sentosa Recruitment Agency, a Philippine-based company that hires nurses for several nursing care facilities in New York". 2. "Each of the nurses signed an employment contract with the specific nursing homes for which they had been selected to work."

This video,, can also be seen at challenge for hospital recruitment is travel nursing, which is where nurses sign with an agency rather than a hospital. institution is we only have so many faculty to allow us to be a.International nurse recruitment can be overwhelming for some foreign nurses. Contracts, placement and dealing with international nurse placement agencies in general can be confusing. This article provides tips for foreign or international nurses seeking jobs and licensure in the United States.Nursing jobs in the usa including personalised NCLEX online course details and job descriptions, green card sponsorship for you and the family. Nursing jobs in the USA including personalised NCLEX online course details and job descriptions, green card sponsorship for you and the family.As U.S. health care facilities struggle to fill current registered nurse staffing vacancies. of this latter strategy, new recruitment agencies are cropping up both within the United States and in.