how to stop shiny object syndrome and focus on one thing

This video,, can also be seen at shiny object syndrome, is in my experience, the biggest problem facing. Are you constantly starting something only to move on to the next thing as soon as. Only of course to give up on that one too before you reach the end of the. There's a host of productivity hacks that you can use to keep your focus, but what I.Author: Earl Faria Blog I am Earl G. Faria, Psychiatrist at Department of Veterans Affairs. I like water surfing, swimming, movies, cars, and healthy eating. I have completed medical school and a residency program.The issue with having Shiny Object Syndrome is that you run the risk of not using your time wisely and not being able to operate your business efficiently. Since your time and energy is money (especially if you’re a solopreneur who’s in charge of everything), your business’s bottom line will undoubtedly suffer if you can’t stay focused.Funny thing – I WAS ALSO trying to decide of the program was for ME! So I took the opportunity to use my own process of deciding was it a distraction or not (and helping my client) and face the Shiny Object directly. In this episode we talk about: 3 ways shiny object syndrome can crop up in your average day as an online entrepreneurOne of the interesting things about professional football is that the teams that generate the most "hype" in the media aren’t.As marketers, we feel an urgency to be on the cutting edge in our quest. 3 Steps to Avoid the Perils of Shiny Object Syndrome. If we had a grocery cart, we'd fill that thing up with MarTech tools. If we're not careful, the pressure to innovate can cause us to lose our focus on sound strategy and planning.He created one of the. struggle with the shiny object syndrome and love to say yes to every good opportunity that comes along. Stop. Think about what warren buffet would do, and learn to say “no”.One last thing to remember is not to forget to celebrate your success. The shiny object syndrome can be our problem because we fail to see that little achievements are also achievements. We leave them unnoticed, and therefore it may look like as if we are not having any progress.