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This video,, can also be seen at "Converting Your Parking Lot Lights to LED" your facility will gain in these ways. Create a safer, better lit environment aiding in retail sales, customer safety and well being ; Save over 70% of electricity costs by going to LED Less maintenance cost – LED Retrofit/Fixtures last 2X as long as HID fixturesIndustry observers say the common thread that connects these groups is the desire for a low-maintenance, urban–or at least. a central solar hot water system, LED lighting, rainwater collection,We also offer cost effective maintenance programs, where we schedule periodic Inspections and repair anything that we find not working. We repair pole lighting fixtures, bulb & ballast replacement. We use certified electricians and have everything to handle your outdoor lighting needs. Our outdoor lighting services include: Parking Lot LightingParking lots, exterior building perimeter lights, and parking garages offer some of the very best opportunities for LED energy efficient lighting retrofits or new poles and fixtures. If you are currently lighting a parking lot, the perimeter of a building, or a parking garage with anything but LED’s you are throwing money away every day!San Diego’s Parking Lot Lighting Experts. Forward Electric provides expert electrical services for the repair, maintenance, and new installation of parking lot lights. In addition to this we also provide parking lot lighting retrofits where we can remove the existing "energy hog" fixtures and install energy efficient led lighting.rising vacancies and declining rental rates in the commercial sector, as well as budget shortfalls for public facilities, are forcing them to look for savings in operations and maintenance.We offer commercial lighting maintenance, installation and repair services across the Greater Houston area. Our priority is client satisfaction. · As a leading manufacture of LED Parking Lot lighting retrofits led corporations is committed to provide the most reliable and technologically lighting products. Our company’s Solstice LED Retrofit.It’s hard to imagine a smart house without smart lighting. Maybe it’s laziness, but the ability to turn a light on or off without walking over to the switch is a must-have, particularly once the lap.